Lessio Porte was founded by Gianni Lessio and his wife in 1982.
For over 30 years every single project has been followed with care and attention – from the concept to the product.

Gianni loves to think of his company like a “door atelier.” Since each product will reveal the customer’s personality, details are an essential part of the design. Doors are a mix of innovation and tradition by merging materials and grandeur.

A wide range of materials can be kneaded, spacing from glass to metal, ceramic, and leather. Furthermore, new pieces can be made by blending together several surfaces and colors for a Boiserie combined result. Our motto is “quality over all” – from the aesthetic to the door structure.
Highest importance is given to the door inner structure for the making of a sound basis final product, composed of soundproof and first class quality items.

Flexibility, customization, innovation, research, care, and professionalism are Gianni and his team’s strength.


High quality solutions. Prestigious products.

Our passion to woodwork lies on the basis of establishing our company. The essences, the attention to each detail, the experience, the love to our job – all these elements combined in one, make each one of our doors a product of first quality.

It is not your house that is to be adapted to our doors, but our doors are to be fitted in your home as each one of our products may be made to match.

We can meet each of your demands in any aspect – width and height of the doors; classical or hidden mechanism; innovative ways of opening; width of the frame in accordance with the width of the walls; straight or round edges; edges of capital or milled type, as you require; steel, aluminum or glass handles; double-glazed windows of Murano… and many more.

We also use new, modern materials for ‘paneling’ the door, like ‘bio-coating’. We can mill your door with your own project or drawing, we can panel the edges with golden or silver foil. We rely on the most cutting-edge technologies, both in design and performance, so you get the result you expect.
The only limit is your imagination.